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Jenny's Light LogoOn the 19th December 2007 a close friend of mine Jenny Banskton and her baby boy Graham Banskton, tragically lost their lives. Jenny was such a fantastic beautiful, happy and caring person, and not a day will go by with out her truely being missed by everyone that was blessed enough to have met her. Mike and I got to know Jenny, her twin sister Becky, and Jenny's Husband Chip while we were in college at LSU in the US. We had some amazing times together and we will cherish those memories for many years to come. Our thoughts are with Becky and Chip, and all the Gibbs/Banskton/Lavelle families.

Becky, along with some friends and family, have now set up a non-profit foundation dedicated to building awareness, detection, and treatment for postpartum disorders called Jennys Light. To help raise awareness I will be racing this year with a "Jennys Light" logo on my kit. To read more about Jennys Light please go to www.jennyslight.org and any contributions can be sent to:

Jenny's Light
5021 Vernon Avenue, Suite 107
Edina, MN 55436

Also to follow Becky's triathlon career please check out her website at www.beckylavelle.com. She is a fantastic athlete and competitor and one of her many accolades was being named Inside Triathlon's 2006 "4th Best Female Triathlete in the World". To offer words of support you can either sign the questbook below or send words of support to becky@beckylavelle.com

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